Bookme Limo


    Market Place – Melbourne


    Bookme Limo is a market place designed & developed for providing end to end business system. It enables the business to be able to manage multiple group of affiliates and provide networking opportunities among the members. Multiple layers of business were streamlined to introduce automation & efficiency.

    Bookme Limo business had diverse and unique requirements due to nature of the business. Some of the members are in the field most of their business hours and requires data on the go. Where as other users requires desktop application for their day to day operation. There are couple of batch transactions that required automation.


      iOS & Android Apps


      We designed & developed iPhone & Android apps. As a result business was able to locate the drivers anytime during the shift, assign on demand jobs providing prompt and swift service to their clients. With touch of a button drivers were able to update the job statuses keeping every one informed about their progress.

      Apps not only helping in managing business more efficiently and providing ease of doing business but also reducing human or typo errors in communications. Dispatchers are basically monitoring the progress of the jobs, the system reduced overheads & improved customer experience.

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