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We provide the platform to Limousines operator and drivers to offload their work and share bookings in order to increase their earnings.




You got a limousine business, then we got IT system to compliment your services. System provides everything that your business needs.

Cloud based

System can be accessed anytime & anywhere. We got it all, website when you working on pc & phone apps when you are on road.



Phone Apps

Both Android & iphone Apps are available. Choose according to the handset you are using. 100 % Money Back Guarantee within 45 days (Promotion Offer) It is a free trial, all we saying to you is: sign up with us, check out if it works for you (we are sure you will love it). If you are not happy for any reason (no question asked) at the end of 45 days trial we won’t charge any subscription fees.


Reliable & Transparent System

OZDrivers is an end to end business system. It provides an opportunity to grow and make your business efficient.

  • Location

    Bookings accepted from other dispatchers will require access to GPS location on your phone in order to mark the location where you updated the booking statuses. It also helps in making decision for app to select nearest & best suitable car for the job.

  • Tracking

    Dispatcher can track location of the driver, during the trip or when it is completed. System keeps the record where & what time booking status was updated by driver.

  • No Obligation, No Commitment

    There is no obligation or commitment to simply get an assessment done for your business from us. We look forward to hear from you.


  • Payment Terminal

    You can even process payments for your own bookings & probably get paid commission. You don’t need to keep two 5 or 10 % Eftpos machines. You can even send e-receipts via email to your clients under your business name.


We are catalyst for your business

Around the world limousines, hire car & Taxi industry is going through a transition at the moment. In the past this industry was about a nice chauffeur and good looking car. Due to introduction of smart apps now customer demands convenience and ease of doing business. Well you will be amazed to know we got all this covered. Now we can provide all the bells and whistles required to make your business competing with big & smart apps out there. Not only you can protect your existing client but also add more customers to your business by participating in our promotions. Ask us for more information.

  • Network with our partners to exchange work.
  • Accept jobs from our open queue.
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Websites, mobile phone apps, google adwords, SEO & plugins got everything you need.
  • No waiting to receive statement, check your account balance any time on your app.