Russell Logo design Draft 1

Project Russell



Meet Russell:
He lives in Frankston and travels to St Kilda road just to distribute the flyers for other businesses.

Two weeks ago he dropped a flyer in our office that’s how I met him. It triggered a thought in my head well if he can distribute for others why not for my business. Me and my friend (Gurpreet) gave me two lots to distribute. We did had some queries and conversions as well (that’s not the point here).

It doesn’t hurt if we ask for it we may not get anything but at least we tried.

I don’t think I need to introduce myself (well this is not about me).


Guy is not waiting for opportunities to come to his door he is getting out and trying his best. He is senior citizen and still getting out doing his bit.

Do you think if he got his website it will bring bit more work for him?


People out there may need his service?

Price: $55 per 1000 flyers. Not registered for GST

He distributes the flyer along St Kilda road and inner CBD. Might not mind distributing in other suburbs as long as its within his reach.

Well we people in IT think that we can solve world problem by creating an app (just kidding). I don’t want to charge anything from this guy.


Moving Forward

After thinking for a little while we (myself and Russell) decided to give it a shot to build website for him.

Step 1) Sort out branding for him…

Draft 1

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Draft 2